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Snapshots from South Africa: Final Tails

Travel | 9 October 2015 | By

I have so much more I’d love to share about my trip to South Africa. Luckily, a wise friend reminded me that you don’t need to see every photo to understand how much I loved this trip. It’s also nice to know that I’ll have a few stories to tell my family and friends in person! However, I do have a few “final tails” that I want to share today.


Snapshots from South Africa: Sketchnotes

Travel | 11 September 2015 | By

Mike Rohde’s travel sketchnotes inspired me to start experimenting with sketchnoting myself. Now I’m hooked! It’s a great way to capture the quirky details and funny memories of my trip in a few pages. Each one makes me smile.

Here are the three sketchnotes I created for my South African adventure…


Travel Tip #6: Mix It Up With Video

Travel Tips | 9 September 2015 | By

Until recently, I’ve been a photos-only traveller. I scowled at people who had their little video cameras out filming the whole shebang. I couldn’t image why you’d waste your time getting blurry images with average quality sound. (The irony being that I get a lot of blurry images with no sound!)

With the epic rise of fabulous GoPro videos available on the internet, I’ve been inspired to add short videos to my repertoire. I’ve found it can really bring special travel moments to life.


Snapshots from South Africa: Late Summer Babies

Travel | 7 September 2015 | By

As we settled into the safari routine, another of my preconceptions shattered. To my delight, I re-discovered that not all wild animals give birth in spring!

Warning – cuteness overload ahead…


Snapshots from South Africa: Elephants And A Leopard!

Travel | 4 September 2015 | By

On our second morning at Serondella, I was wide awake even before Sydney came by for his 5:30am wake-up knock. I’d never been so eager to get up – the day was ripe for adventure!