Back in 2 Weeks

I Completed A Marathon… A Singing Marathon!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of baking and singing.

This year is the 10th anniversary for my choir, Röster Utan Gränser (Voices Without Borders). In celebration, our choir leader, Bodil, organised a singing marathon for Sunday afternoon.


100 Words Of Now

Following on from Wednesday’s idea of writing a Speedy Summary, I’d like to share my 100 Words of Now – an idea I’ve borrowed from Susannah Conway.


Travel Tip #11: Write A Speedy Summary

Travel Tips | 21 October 2015 | By

Do you return from holidays flush with happy memories, then real life kicks in and suddenly all those tiny special moments are lost?

I have a simple, three minute solution for you: The Speedy Summary.

Warning: This post contains some slightly saucy language!


Life In General

I’m enjoying a week with only minimal commitments this week. Time to crack down on the ignored todo list! In the meantime, here’s a quick update of life in Sweden…



Pupdate | 16 October 2015 | By

In just over three weeks, we’re welcoming a new bundle of cuteness and energy into our home!!!