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#inktober Steampunk Insects Completed!

Inktober 2015

I did it! I finished #inktober!

Four weeks ago I announced that I was participating in #inktober. The challenge was to create and share an ink drawing a day for the month of October. My chosen topic was Steampunk Insects.

Just between you and me, I’ll admit that I didn’t draw everyday. Shhh! I did, however, have a few catch up days so I ended up with 31 drawings – a full set.

So what did I learn? Mostly that there are some scary looking creepy crawlies out there! But also that no matter how much of a beginner I felt, it was worth sharing my efforts. The flood of enthusiastic responses was really encouraging both from my family and friends, and from some amazingly talented Instagram-ers and fellow #Inktober participants.

#inktober is definitely going in my diary for next October!

Travel Tip #13: Request An Extra Driver Later

Travel Tip #13: Request An Extra Driver Later

Travel Tips | 4 November 2015 | By

Just a quick tip today because I have a visitor coming to stay in a couple of hours and the house is covered in puppy preparations. There is work to be done!

Phil and I don’t own a car, so we regularly hire cars when we want to do weekends away. I love a good train trip, but a car gives you the freedom to see some of the countryside close up.


Rudolph For Christmas Dinner?

Last week, we were poking around in the “wild meat” fridge at the supermarket. Phil pulled out a hunk of frozen reindeer and I exclaimed “we could try for our Christmas dinner”!


Pupdate: Facebook Me

Pupdate | 30 October 2015 | By

Woof! Woof! Little Miss Orange here.


Travel Tip #12: Shop Second Hand

Travel Tips | 28 October 2015 | By

Travel can be expensive, particularly with a family. And while travelling, we all want a little splurge money, right? You know, for when you spot that delectable butter yellow Italian leather handbag in the piazza. Or to see your little Hermoine’s eyes light at her first sip of butter beer on your Harry Potter studio tour. Or for that impromptu thrill ride zipping down the side of a mountain screaming your lungs out on your rickety toboggan.

How can we save money on the necessities, so there’s money available for the adventures?