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Welcome to Back In 2 Weeks!

I’m Katherine.

My boyfriend, Phil and I are travel enthusiasts. We are part Australian, part British, and we’re now aspiring to be Swedish.

What are Australian Brits doing in Sweden?

In 2004, Phil and I sold our house and packed all our possessions into two 70L backpacks. We tearfully entrusted our two beautiful Border Collies to new families who would adore them. Then hugged our families goodbye and set off for London.

I’d never been out of Australia before. (There was a week skiing in New Zealand, but many people say doesn’t count). We planned to see everything there was to see in two years. After that, we’d head back to sunny Perth for the rest of our lives. So naive!

Over a decade and bucket loads of amazing adventures later, I’ve finally left London! Phil has been working in Malmö since January 2014, so as of May 2015 I’ve started a new life in Sweden.

What’s so great about travel anyway?

I love to travel but bunking in shared dorms after partying all night isn’t my idea of fun. I prefer to live like a local in a comfortable place with self-catering facilities. That way, I can try all the amazing food at the nearby farmers’ markets.

Discovering new cultural quirks gets me excited! It may be the super touristy grand statue in the main piazza. More often, it’s small idiosyncrasies like the way cashiers count your change in Japan. It’s the delightful things that you miss if you’re not watching for them.

I also love photographing tiny architectural details. For example, I could fill a gallery with photos of intricate European door knockers.

What can’t you live without when you travel?

For me, it’s comfortable walking shoes, a camera, and a smattering of the local language.

Where should I start?

Here’s a taste of Back In 2 Weeks to get you started:

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