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Travel Tip #13: Request An Extra Driver Later

Travel Tip #13: Request An Extra Driver Later

Travel Tips | 4 November 2015 | By

Just a quick tip today because I have a visitor coming to stay in a couple of hours and the house is covered in puppy preparations. There is work to be done!

Phil and I don’t own a car, so we regularly hire cars when we want to do weekends away. I love a good train trip, but a car gives you the freedom to see some of the countryside close up.

I don’t particularly like to drive, because I love watching the scenery. However, it’s much less tiring on long trips if we can share the driving – particularly in those times when it is bucketing with rain. And boy have I driven in some weather!

If you book a car online, they’ll often give you a list of extras to choose from, including having a second driver. I never tick that option if it’s not free. Then I make sure to request it when I get to the car hire office and often they waive the extra fee. That’s money saved for a tasty patisserie on your journey!

So, the travel tip of the day is request an extra driver later!


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  1. Rose
    15 November 2015

    Oh, really good to know!