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Rudolph For Christmas Dinner?

Last week, we were poking around in the “wild meat” fridge at the supermarket. Phil pulled out a hunk of frozen reindeer and I exclaimed “we could try for our Christmas dinner”! Luckily common sense quickly prevailed… we can’t invite Phil’s young nieces (who were vegetarian last time we saw them) for Christmas and then serve up Rudolph for Christmas dinner!!

We returned Rudolph to the fridge and opted for our first älg (elk) meal. People often describe it as “gamey”, but I don’t really know what that translates to in terms of flavour. Phil cut the elk into thick round slices and fried it like steak. Unsurprisingly, it’s texture was like that of steak, but the taste was stronger (more “gamey”, I guess!). It was very tasty and I’m sure we’ll have it again – perhaps as recommended by one of Phil’s friends, we’ll make it into an excellent stew.

** You’d think I’d have learnt to get a photo of the meal by now, but no… so a snapshot of the pack will just have to suffice. Sigh.

  1. Rose
    15 November 2015

    What about a vegetarian Christmas dinner? 🙂

    • Katherine Thomson
      16 November 2015

      I’d be up for it. I’m not sure that Phil and his brother would be…