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Living Area By Numbers

living area by numbers

Life in Sweden | 16 November 2015 | By

There are two important numbers regarding living area that you need to know when you live in Sweden.

The first is the square meterage of your apartment or house. My friend, Jane, recently told me that Swedes always know this and it will come up in conversation.

The second is the number of rooms in your place. If asked, you should answer with the total count of bedrooms and living rooms. Also, you can possibly include your hallway if it is very large. Kitchens and bathrooms do not count.

So to further my transition to being Swedish, I must remember that I have an 98 square metre apartment with 3 rooms.

I find all this very interesting as an Australian, because our numbers are different. We will often refer to “block size” – i.e. the size of the block of land on which your house sits. We’ll also refer to the number of rooms, but usually as “it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom”, because we assume that you have a living room, possibly a dining room and a kitchen.

How do you compare living spaces in your area?

  1. Judith
    16 November 2015

    Could you count the balcony, the dining area and the great big cupboard? It is a lovely spacious apartment somewhat cluttered with pup stuff at the moment! Oh perhaps you could count the pen because Phiip can fit in it.