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#inktober Steampunk Insects Completed!

Inktober 2015

I did it! I finished #inktober!

Four weeks ago I announced that I was participating in #inktober. The challenge was to create and share an ink drawing a day for the month of October. My chosen topic was Steampunk Insects.

Just between you and me, I’ll admit that I didn’t draw everyday. Shhh! I did, however, have a few catch up days so I ended up with 31 drawings – a full set.

So what did I learn? Mostly that there are some scary looking creepy crawlies out there! But also that no matter how much of a beginner I felt, it was worth sharing my efforts. The flood of enthusiastic responses was really encouraging both from my family and friends, and from some amazingly talented Instagram-ers and fellow #Inktober participants.

#inktober is definitely going in my diary for next October!

  1. Shazar Robinson
    6 November 2015

    They are SO cool.. love the clocks in the ant one..

  2. J T
    6 November 2015

    So intricate and funny and such good likenesses that I’m a bit worried that you might start drawing your family and friends in that mode!!

  3. Rose
    15 November 2015

    Ouh! What a crazy work you’ve done, congrats!