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Travel Tip #12: Shop Second Hand

Travel Tips | 28 October 2015 | By

Travel can be expensive, particularly with a family. And while travelling, we all want a little splurge money, right? You know, for when you spot that delectable butter yellow Italian leather handbag in the piazza. Or to see your little Hermoine’s eyes light at her first sip of butter beer on your Harry Potter studio tour. Or for that impromptu thrill ride zipping down the side of a mountain screaming your lungs out on your rickety toboggan.

How can we save money on the necessities, so there’s money available for the adventures? 

Shop second hand.

We’re spending Christmas in the snow with Phil’s family. His nieces are ecstatic about seeing snow because they live in Perth where it never snows. Of course, this makes shopping for snow wear a hassle. There is little availability and it’s pricey – especially since they’ll only use it for a week or so.

So yesterday I popped into a second hand store here in Malmö to scout for bargains. And boy, what a success!!

I found these ski pants for 80 SEK ($13, £6) and a pair of salopettes for 175 SEK ($28, £13):

These Gortex boots for 70 SEK ($11, £5):


And a bundle of different gloves and mittens for 32 SEK ($5, £3). Perfect because gloves always go missing – just like pens and odd socks.

I hear you say “That’s okay for you, but I don’t have family who can shop for me in every destination I visit”. Of course that’s true, but I’d still urge you to shop second hand. My mother found an excellent jacket for $3 and a $7 watch for our recent trip to South Africa in her local goodwill shop.

Oh! And once you’re finished with your fabulous new finds, why not donate them back so someone else can use them?

So Shop Second Hand is my travel tip of the week.

Are you a second hand shopper? Do you have any tips for getting the best bargains?

  1. Jo-the-ex-Oxfam-lady
    4 November 2015

    And not to forget that as well as helping yourself, you’re also donating money to charity! I used to work at an Oxfam shop – there was a posh dress agency across the street. We used to keep the fancy brand clothes for the owner of the dress agency. She would pay Oxfam top dollar, have them laundered and then rent them out to the fancy ladies in town. Everyone was a winner… Has made me realise that I really miss working at Oxfam 🙁

    • Katherine Thomson
      4 November 2015

      What a great Oxfam story! You’ve done everything :O