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Pupdate: Facebook Me

Pupdate | 30 October 2015 | By

Woof! Woof! Little Miss Orange here.

It’s less than two weeks until I will paw goodbye to my birth family and bound away to my new life in Malmö.

I hear that Katherine has almost daily chats with the lovely DHL delivery man as all my home comforts arrive. She has the internet running hot searching for the coolest homemade dog toys. And Phil is regularly spotted on the Ryggebol Gård website checking for new photos and videos of me and my siblings.

Katherine says that maybe not everyone wants an avalanche of updates about me. (I’m adorable and adventurous, so I can’t imagine why not?!!)

Anyway, we’ve set up a Facebook page for those who want to follow along and join in our fun. You can find it here:

(The “RR” at the end of the link stands for “Rhodesian Ridgeback”, but I think it will come in super handy for “Talk Like a Pirate” day!)

Please head on over and say hi. I’ll send you a virtual lick if you Like my page! (Hmm… Katherine says that might actually deter you, but I’m sure you’d all love a puppy kiss, right?!)

  1. Shazar
    30 October 2015

    Oh super cute.. didn’t know anyone else celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day.. RR RR RR !!

    • Katherine Thomson
      31 October 2015

      We used to celebrate it at a job I once had. All good fun!

  2. J
    31 October 2015

    If you are a bit worried about being lonely, lean on K and P to take Little Miss Red with you . . . tell them you will be especially good if you have someone else to play with and sleep with.

    • Katherine Thomson
      31 October 2015

      I’m not sure about that… I hear that being an only child is awesome because you get all the love, all the toys and all the food!!