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In just over three weeks, we’re welcoming a new bundle of cuteness and energy into our home!!!

Last weekend during our jaunt to Gothenburg, we visited a lovely lady named Louise at Kennel Monotype. Louise and her human family share their home with a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback called Flisa.

Flisa’s kennel name is Billinge Gårds Ghanima Ya Penzi, which I believe means Blessing Of Love in Swahili. True to her name, Flisa birthed 10 blessings on 11th September – 7 girls and 3 boys.

Their father is a strong, handsome boy called Jack (aka Ave Caesar Armagniac).

Over the past 8 months, I’ve spent many hours pouring over photos of Ridgeback puppies on the internet. As we drove to Gothenburg, I warned Phil that the puppies would be bigger than he expected because they look much bigger than Border Collie puppies in the photos. I was so wrong! They were still tiny. Don’t get me wrong – they were just right for their age, but I hadn’t seen pups that young before in real life.


In order to tell the puppies apart, they wear coloured collars. Each pup has a different colour.

As I carefully lifted up little Miss Red I could feel her little heart beating a mile a minute. And she shook slightly until I nestled her against me. I knew in that moment that there was no turning back. She had an exquisite face with beautiful black markings.


Meanwhile, Phil had scooped up gorgeous Miss Orange, who promptly made sure he had no breakfast left in his day-old stubble or in his ear!


We spent an hour and a half watching the puppies play, feed and sleep. There is no middle ground with pups – they’re either full on or snuggled up snoozing. As Louise says – this also means that all your puppy photos are either blurry or of sleeping pups!


I was torn between Miss Red’s beautiful face and Miss Orange’s courage.

When I was a child, my parents bought a puppy for their friend. While I was delighted the day we took it home from the pet store, I was also haunted and distraught about the puppy we left behind in the cage. I’ve never forgotten that, so I needed some distance to make my choice.

Phil and I talked it all over in the car.

  • Were we sure we wanted a Ridgeback? If we lived in the countryside with plenty of space, we’d have Border Collies – no doubt. But we don’t, we live in a city apartment, so we need a dog that can be happy in that environment. Also, without fail, Ridgeback owners say they’d never consider anything else, which is a great sign.
  • How did we feel about the breeder? Confident – Louise had obviously done her research about breeding Ridgebacks and running Ryggebol Gård, a large horse stable and sport centre, she had a lot of experience with animals. Also, she had children who would help acclimatise the puppies to being handled.
  • Did we like Flisa? A resounding YES – both for her looks and her temperament.
  • Neither puppy had a perfectly correct ridge. Did we want to wait for the other litters I’d registered for? No – because no matter how many breeders I contact, they all have friends who want puppies who will be on the list before us, so we may never get the option for a puppy with a perfect ridge. And besides, we’re not interested in showing or breeding anyway.
  • And the biggie – Miss Red or Miss Orange? While I adored Miss Red’s beautiful face, it finally came down to attitude. Miss Orange was very cute too and she seemed a little more self-assured.

We were thrilled when Louise agreed that we could have Miss Orange.

I’m still bouncing about the news now! And I’m busy thinking of names and browsing dog beds, crates, food bowls, toilet training tips and all things puppy.

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that little Miss Red finds her own happily ever after. Who knows? Maybe it will be in Malmö too and we’ll see her around town?!

Louise puts up regular photos of the puppies on the Ryggebol Gård Facebook page. These are my two favourites of Miss Orange – awake and asleep with all the toys.

I’d love to hear about the furry paws in your family, so please share in the comments below.

  1. Liz
    16 October 2015

    So pleased for you. What a gorgeous wee girl.

    • Katherine Thomson
      16 October 2015

      Thanks Liz! I give you full permission to tell me if I talk puppy too often 😉

  2. Heather Robinson
    16 October 2015

    So fabulous!!! Talk to me all you want. I am doing exactly same as you but 3 months away from welcoming our as yet unborn labradoodle puppy!! Xx

    • Katherine Thomson
      17 October 2015

      Oh! Congratulations, Heather! Labradoodles are lovely dogs. How exciting!

  3. Sahaja
    16 October 2015

    Did I ever tell you why M’tani was called so? it means “friend of the family” in Swahili. So happy for you and perfect ridge or not she is completely adorable and you will be one of those ridgy people soon.

    • Katherine Thomson
      17 October 2015

      Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful dog. It really suited her.

      And yes, I’m hoping to earn my ridge-y stripes soon 🙂

  4. Gemma
    16 October 2015

    Ooh exciting! What a lovely little lady! We’re about 3 1/2 months along the same road now and whilst it’s harder than we expected it’s also utterly magical. Ask us anything! Go the pups! X

    • Katherine Thomson
      17 October 2015

      I can’t wait to meet Ruby in person and hear all about your adventures being new puppy owners, Gem! I’m trying to balance my excitement with some realism (like this morning, I thought “Better enjoy this sleep in, a couple of weeks more and that won’t be an option!”). The excitement is still winning though 🙂

  5. Joanne
    16 October 2015

    Congratulations on your new fur baby. There is going to be fun times ahead 🙂 Naming a puppy can be just as bad as naming a baby. Looking forward to seeing lots more photo’s of Miss Orange when she arrives home and becomes a new member of your family. I’m positive Miss Red will be snatched up in no time they both have cuteness overload and she will become a member of a wonderful family as well.

    • Katherine Thomson
      17 October 2015

      Since Texas was already named when I got him, I was still in primary school when I last named a pet. I’m a little out of practice!

      I’m sure you are right, Joanne – Miss Red will find a wonderful family to love her.

  6. Judith & Don
    18 October 2015

    All little things seem to grab your heart and gallop off with it. This one is 5 now, but is still gathering friends! Looking back on our photos, I remember laughs and exasperation – there’s a lot coming your way.

    • Katherine Thomson
      18 October 2015

      It’s funny. The closer we get to having a new puppy, the more empty the house feels without one! Not long now… And hugs for the 5 year old.

  7. Birgitta Eriksson
    18 October 2015

    Congratulations to your ridgeback puppy.. we are the new owners of little miss yellow this will be our 4th ridgeback wish you good luck

    • Katherine Thomson
      18 October 2015

      Hi Birgitta!
      It’s wonderful to hear from you. Little Miss Yellow is absolutely lovely – we can see why you chose her.
      We’re eagerly counting down the days until we can pick up Little Miss Orange!
      Good luck – and I’d love to keep in touch as the puppies grow up.

  8. Rose
    18 October 2015

    Did I already tell you how I love reading you? 😉

    Well, that’s not today’s subject! Omg, so so cute! It must have been so difficult for you to pick Miss Orange. I’m so happy you’ll soon have your puppy home (and so happy I’ll see her!!).

    Congrats guys! And see you soon Katherine, for a puppy talk 🙂

    • Katherine Thomson
      19 October 2015

      That’s so lovely of you, Rose. Thank you.

      I can’t wait to introduce her to you!

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