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#Inktober – Steampunk Insects

The great thing about not having a job is that I have time. Specifically I have time for hobbies I’ve always wanted to try.

This month, I’ve joined the #inktober challenge. The goal is to create and share an ink drawing every day of October.

Many artists say that they are at their most creative when they set boundaries for their work. The limitations free them from continually having to decide on size, materials, colours, etc, so they can use that brain power for creativity about their chosen topic.

Armed with this concept, here are my rules for my #inktober:

  • Black ink only – I haven’t figured out how to add colours that I’m happy with yet, so I’m removing that barrier
  • No pencil prep work – this cuts down the time for each drawing and forces me to be creative with any mistakes!
  • Drawings must fit in a 6cm square box – so it’s easy to share on Instagram
  • Steampunk insects only

“Hang on a sec!”, I hear you say. “Why are you, the one afraid of creepy crawlies, choosing to focus on insects all month? And what is steampunk?”

Fair questions.

I love drawings with lots of tiny details because every time I look at them I discover something new. If you look at insects close up, they’re the same – full of tiny details, so they make great drawing subjects. As long as I stick with insects and stay away from spiders, it’s all good.

And steampunk? In short, it’s mixing elements of 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery into everyday things. Here’s a great article about it’s origins: What The Hell Is Steampunk? And a Google search will bring up lots of wonderful examples: Steampunk Images. It is wonderfully imaginative, but with a technical slant that engages my engineering brain, so I want to give it a go.

Here’s what I’ve created so far:

You can follow my #inktober work here:

It’s definitely not too late to join the fun. This is the website explaining the (very simple) rules: Some of my friends and family are already joining in and we’d love some more company.

Just one thing… I was quite intimidated when I searched for #inktober on Facebook. There are some outstandingly talented #inktober-ers out there. However, I figure we’ve all go to start somewhere, so why not start with me, now? Then we can share our failures and our successes together! Join me?