Back in 2 Weeks

Laziness Or Learning Extravaganza?



You’re just like me, aren’t you? You’ve got a list squirrelled away somewhere. Perhaps in a cobwebbed corner of your mind? Or on a bunch of fading sticky notes? Or even neatly filed away in Evernote?

It’s a list of all those things you’d love to do if only you had time. It’s yoga or painting or weight training or writing a novel, or all those things and more.

In April, I decided to tackle my list.


Swedish A1 Graduation


Last week I graduated from my Swedish A1 language course!

“Are you I fluent yet?”, I hear you ask.


Cruising The Countryside


Phil recently read an article voting Malmö as the sixth most bike friendly city in the world. Copenhagen tops the list, but Malmö wins for the Swedish cities. That’s great, because I woke up feeling super optimistic yesterday, so I cheerfully told Phil that I’d like to accompany him on his long Sunday run. Lucky I didn’t ask him how far he was going beforehand!


Alfred And Theodore


Remember how Phil and I went to visit a Ridgeback breeder in the hope of getting a puppy? Well…


Midsummer Menu And Pickled Herring Faces


A Midsummer celebration wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the traditional Midsummer fare.