Back in 2 Weeks

It’s Not All Sunshine And Puppies


I make an effort to be pretty positive here at Back In 2 Weeks. Usually, that isn’t difficult because I have a lot to be optimistic about. But today I’ve realised that I might be giving the wrong impression.

Life in a foreign country isn’t all sunshine and puppies. 


Travel Tip #9: Create A Permanent Packing List


Travel Tips | 30 September 2015 | By

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something when you go on holidays?

I used to also!

To help, I’ve created an electronic packing list. As I pack, it reminds me of that camera cable in the electronics drawer or the foreign currency I’ve left on my bedside table. When I use the list, I can head out the door with the confidence that I’ve got everything I need.


Lidingöloppet Weekend In Stockholm


Life in Sweden | 28 September 2015 | By

The great thing about being a runner supporter is that I get to travel to races with Phil.

This weekend we drove up to Stockholm for the Lidingöloppet – a 30km trail race around one of islands of the Stockholm archipelago. 


Swedish A2 – Check!


Life in Sweden | 25 September 2015 | By

Yesterday I completed my Swedish A2 course! Yay me!!


Travel Tip #8: Dare To Say “Yes”!


Life in Sweden | 23 September 2015 | By

In 2013, Phil and I spent five weeks studying Japanese in Fukuoka, a small city in southern Japan. One evening on the bus home from school, we met a lovely older gentleman. He spoke enthusiastically about Australia and asked whether we liked Japan.

It turned out that our stop was also his stop and as we passed his house, he invited us in for some tea. Childhood lessons on stranger danger clanged in our heads and raised our distrust. We made a hasty excuse and said “perhaps another day”.

We never saw him again.