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Singing About Tickling Dogs, Cold Feet and Humus

I’m interrupting my Snapshots from South Africa series to bring you breaking news…

I had my first Swedish choir rehearsal yesterday!


Snapshots from South Africa: Serondella Stole My Heart


Travel | 28 August 2015 | By

It started on the plane from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit. The feeling that if you took your eyes off the bush for one second you’d miss something amazing. It was extreme anticipation dialled all the way up to eleven.

And then we spotted it! A herd of ten elephants gathered around a watering hole. All in miniature from our eagle-eye view.

I’m surprised the small plane didn’t barrel roll as we all rushed to one side to see them.

That was just the beginning of the greatest adventure on earth.


Travel Tip #4: Carry A Small Notebook And Pen


This travel tip is a special reminder for me – carry a small notebook and pen while travelling. Scratch that. Always carry a small notebook and pen everywhere. And remember to use it!


Snapshots from South Africa: Guilty Privilege


Travel | 24 August 2015 | By

I felt guilty. For being a white family chauffeured by a black driver. For saying “No thank you” to the man selling brooms on the street in front of a cafe that served us more than we could eat. For taking “holiday snaps” of Nelson Mandela’s house, a place that feels like a sacred site. For never having to fight for my education. For reaching 37 and having been so protected from hatred all my life.


Snapshots from South Africa: Preconceptions


Travel | 21 August 2015 | By

I’ve just returned from an amazing ten day safari in South Africa. It was such a jolting and inspiring experience that I’ve been struggling to put it into words. This was my first visit to Africa and I had no idea what to expect. Or rather – I had many preconceptions and they were all wrong.