Back in 2 Weeks

Phil and the Beautiful, Muscly Redhead


I tentatively perched on the edge of the couch, not knowing the proper etiquette for these things in Sweden. Phil sat beside me but was forced to squeeze up as a beautiful, muscly redhead proceeded to climb onto the couch and make herself at home practically in his lap! 


Sold on Malmö


This is the statue that sold me on Malmö.


Moving on…


Welcome to Back In 2 Week’s new home. We’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress (blah, blah, blah… techie stuff) and we’re still settling in around here, but there’s so much exciting news that I hope you’ll ignore the paint brushes and moving boxes, and just pull up a comfy chair for a good yarn.

Let’s start with the big news first… after nearly twelve years in London, I’ve moved to Sweden!


Eat, Run and Repeat

It’s just after midnight and rain is gently drumming on the tent. Phil has just dropped off to sleep when there is a quiet call from outside the tent “Phil – it’s time”.


A day in the life of an Amazon adventurer: 8pm-10pm


Travel | 9 April 2014 | By

To start from the beginning of the adventure: 5:20am – 9am
The night canoe trips are the treasured diamonds of this expedition. While Phil and I thoroughly enjoy the daytime activities, it is after dark that the hidden wonders of the jungle reveal themselves.